Manufacturer Virtual Showroom
Manufacturer Virtual Showroom
Manufacturer Virtual Showroom
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Manufacturer Virtual Showroom

ABC Kids Virtual Expo
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**Indicates most popular show feature in 2020

NEW Easy Booth Financing (optional)

  • Only 25% down today
  • 4 interest-free small payments
  • The last payment comes due a month after the show ends
  • Easy | Modern | Intuitive
  • Select Sezzle payment at checkout

Connect With Motivated Buyers

  • Engage with a captivated audience
  • Buyers with open to buy looking for healthy promotions
  • Participation open to all industry channels
  • Qualified buyers ready to order
  • Participation from small independents to large chain stores from around the world

**SOLD OUT**Live Product Demonstrations 

  • Scheduled live video presentation on the main stage - up to 15 minutes long
  • One brand onstage at a time.
  • Live presentations will be recorded for buyers to revisit
  • You receive a copy of the live presentation to post in your virtual booth or distribute as you see fit.

NEW Brand Zoom Meeting Rooms

  • Engage with buyers face-to-face in Zoom Meeting Room
  • Open for impromptu drop-in meetings.
  • Schedule, and hand out your meeting room code
  • Get real-time feedback on products, marketing, or retail strategy

Product Showcase

  •  2021 Products and new releases
  • The showcase featured throughout the event
  • Buyers are coming seeking out and buying new products!
  • Option to submit multiple products.

Lead Generation

  • You can log in and see a lead list of who's visited your virtual booth, what they've looked at, or if they added your information to their planner.
  • Receive an email list of all retailers and media signed up to attend.
  • Follow up post-show with new leads and prospects.

Easily Setup Your Brand Page

  • No technical or coding skills necessary
  • Set up a brand page in less than an hour
  • Post videos
  • Live Chat - you set the availability!
  • Link or upload images, catalogs, lookbooks, social assets, and more
  • This is your place to house all of your tools for success.

NEW Virtual Happy Hours | Game Night

  • Meet up with friends for a virtual drink and a chance to talk shop
  • Have fun with virtual after-hours trivia game night
  • Theme party (more info to come)