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Product Showcase

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  • - Be first to publish new trending products!
  • - Find a story, or featuring the next "hit" product for 2021

NEW Zoom Meeting Rooms

  • - Engage with brands face-to-face in Zoom Meeting Rooms
  • - Give real-time feedback on products, marketing, or retail launch strategy
  • - Sell advertising opportunities
  • - Form partnerships

Visit Brand Booth Page Where You Can...

  • - Watch videos
  • - Live Chat with brands (each brand will publish availability)
  • - Download catalogs, look-books, social assets, & more
  • - Get digital business cards for brand & reps
  • - Request media assets/kits
  • - Visit virtual showrooms on your own schedule 24/7

Virtual Happy Hours | Game Night

  • - Meetup with friends for a virtual drink and a chance to talk shop
    - Have fun with virtual after-hours trivia game night
    - Theme party (more information to come)


*NOTE: Media will not have general access to live stage demos. You may reach out to individual brands and get a link to their live session if they approve/provide.

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